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Thread Contributor: FFGTier Zero Visual Tweaks - Our reshade preset
Essentially this is a graphics enhancement mod that adds some nice effects to your PR such as: sharpening, SMAA, color grading, bloom, ambient occlusion (I don't use it due to it being demanding), and vibrance.

My settings for it tone down the bloom and the overdone color grading, with zero affect on my FPS. It's a subtle effect but it makes everything pop a lot more, vanilla seems really washed out now. Here are some screenshots of what my game looks like without ReShade, and with my modified settings file for it.

Saaremaa (top image off/bottom image on) - http://imgur.com/a/UMpdq
Khami - http://imgur.com/a/NIzHj
Kokan - http://imgur.com/a/x9NbE
Muttrah - http://imgur.com/a/rJX49
Grozny - http://imgur.com/a/6U4or

To install, first download ReShade - http://www.mediafire.com/download/v4a4a3...EM0.52.zip

Drag those files into the directory where your PRBF2.exe is.
Mine is in - C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2

After you do that, copy and paste the contents of my settings file - https://www.dropbox.com/s/gggv8mjoq87gsb...ect.h?dl=0 into the "MasterEffect" text file in the PRBF2 directory, then save it.

Don't fuck it up. Press Scroll Lock to toggle the effects in-game. Preset made by [TZ] Chefmoto
I like seeing every individual pixel though.
wheres the fun in graphics am i right?
"Oi, Thats me gaz!"
"Ciscos the lube, Bluedrakes the dick, and pretty much, BD is taking the lube away and fucking us in the ass."
The visual tweaks are actually good, makes the game look sharper and more cleaner too.

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