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Thread Contributor: Chrisweb89Best seeding maps
Discuss the best seeding/low pop maps. There is good old boring fallujah, but if we could find something else that would be good too.
Well Kokan is bae, but I would only do Kokan if you have say like 30+ players on the server please never do Grozny unless your 50+ and even then its a 2k map just take a look at 2k maps and consider the following. 1 is how much you enjoy being on that 2k map that you consider your favorite...me I personally like Sebeneh. 2 would be what map does the best for teamwork flow (when your team is so good you don't have to tell them what to do) 3 would be to keep it simple an INS 2 k map is nice but don't overdo it. So thats why I say Grozny is not the best for seeding even though its 2k, but say gaza is perfect because its a dense map with few assets to exploit long range distances, yet keeping it away from being a purely focused infantry map.
Grozny tbh kinda a INS map. With 100players it still takes over an hour to play. Sub 100p its more like 2 hours.
Grozny sad alt I like because it's a 2km long 1 km wide map. I wish there were better seeding modes like a large version of skirmish or media without bleed.
imo best seeding maps are ones with lots of buildings for cqb shit. Beirut skir, muttrah skir, asad skir, khami skir, etc.
Seeding maps NEED to have an objective. Having to tell every person that joins "hey, we're fighting only in these buildings here" gets old. As well, the average person (me included) wants to have something to measure acheivements, so picking maps that we can either cap flags or kill caches is important. there aren't even stages to the firefight like there are on asad khal
I don't particularly like hades peak skirmish because of the large open side areas and the poor dynamics of moving from house to house without being AR'd to death.
Fallujah i think is the only way until you have minimum 70 active non ago players. Running back to back fajjulah is fine in my books.

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