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Thread Contributor: Chrisweb89Seeding Feedback
Seeding sucks, but it needs to get done by all of us to make an active and fun server. What are your thoughts on it, and what are we doing right/wrong?

I think the biggest thing is really trying not to take the easy route, and afk seed. It doesn't work as well, frustrates everyone else on the server, and in general is the lazy way out. With that said, sometimes its the only option if you're busy, and it is better than nothing. Just please try to make the seeding environment fun and active for everyone, leading people new to the server.
I would say different maps is my issue, my last memories of playing PR before hanging out with you guys was seeding Fallujah for hours back on FCV, I am personally sick and tired of that map, and playing it is just boring for me now, I'll suck it up and do it if it means having good games afterwards though.
Yep, seeding in general can be cancerous combined with constant Fallujah makes it a tedious time, but it's the best proven method for getting anyone but the dedicated regulars on.

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