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Thread Contributor: Chrisweb89Introduce Yourself
So anyone that's played North American Project Reality in the last 10 years should recognize my name atleast. I started playing PR late 2007 some point after only  being on bf2 for a short time. This was back in mid 0.7 and like many I started my time without a Mic, but even without a Mic I grew to love the sense of community that PR gave. After some time of making friends across the pond with iGi, and playing with some Texas teamplayers, I settled down at TG and was quickly banned for fucking around during the setup of a pickem PW night on quinling. After that was sorted out I mostly kept my nose clean and became a member of the community and joined the 69th Rapid Deployment Group, an in house squad at tg. We became one of the more active pr groups and  still active as tg slowly died with me doing my best as an admin to keep it alive.

Since then I have floated through the PR servers with my 69th friends and adminned on some, made many new friends and I'm sure pissed lots of people off. Even to my friends I come off as brash and aggressive, but something I think that gets lost to the people on the outside is it' all in the intent of doing the best for the team. I enjoy being on the underdog team and hate multiple teamstacked rounds. In the end I enjoy a highly functioning squad and a team and SLs that work together for the common goal of outsmarting the other team. 

Anyways that's a quick blurb about me. It may not seam like it, and sometimes i give off the wrobg impression, but I try to be approachable by a person I don' know and will help to pass on my pr knowledge if you want to learn. Feel free to talk to me anytime out of game, and in a lul ingame.
Playing PR on and off since .95, only game I keep coming back to for the teamwork. Admin since 1.2 on =BH=, Hardcore, FCV, and AREA 94. Glad to see a community made up of all the players I can count on when I see them on my team.
Kia Ora, I'm FFG.

Started playing PR in v0.6 while looking for games to play with my dad. Took a break between v0.8 to 1.0. When I came back in 1.0 I met Snap, who welcomed me into [L&P] Which was mainly an Aussie/Kiwi clan. I later Became a Leader in [L&P] as well as was running the Original FCV server, which would later become PRTA NA and BASED NA. During our time post FCV at PRTA I left [L&P] and Joined [TZ]. After the Death of BASED NA due to no patches in 14 months leading to NA drop off. [TZ] Left BASED and went Solo. Since then I've admined different versions of FCV as well as Hardcore.
^^^^ Weeb.

A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, i was an admin on FCV. I;m shit at everything except flying and tanking. I literally cannot think of anything to say here.
roses are red
violets are blue
"Oi, Thats me gaz!"
"Ciscos the lube, Bluedrakes the dick, and pretty much, BD is taking the lube away and fucking us in the ass."

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