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Thread Contributor: =]EC[=R6FrostAdmin Application
Ingame name: =]EC[=R6Frost
Hash: 15e58976d37165d400268d6dcb433bd3
Availbility: 11am to 10pm  my time zone is (UTC-04:00) Caracas
Country: Trinidad and Tobago 
Age: 16 
PR experience: going into my 4th year 
Admin experience:good-almost a year (i used to be an admin on FCV)
Level of dedication to the server: 9/10 since FCV went down and this one came up 
Anything else you would like to share: On some days i wont be able to play pr because i play other game with my friends but ill be on most of the time on discord 
Sorry for the late response, if you're still interested come find me in discord.

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