Server Rules
Project Reality Server Rules


  1. No racism, hate speech, or personal attacks (but have a pair and don't report someone calling you out for being bad once or twice). Respect your fellow players.
  2. No excessive taunting. 
  3. Do not recruit players for your clan or server.
  4. The primary language is english, but as long as you are functional and using teamwork with the whole team, you may use your mother tongue.
  5. Do not false report. False reports will be dealt with accordingly.


  1. Do not use any form of an unfair advantage (ghosting, cheating, glitching, exploiting, etc). If you need to ask if it is cheating/glitching, it probably is.
  2. Do not disrupt the gameplay in any way (teamkilling, griefing, etc.).
  3. Do not use any suicide tactics except when playing as insurgent factions (Taliban, Insurgents, Hamas, Syrian Rebels) and with dev made suicide VBIEDs. 
  4. Roadkilling is permitted against targets of opportunity. Using a vehicle with the sole purpose to roadkill will not be tolerated. Admin discretion is to be followed.
  5. Do not attack the enemy teams bleed flag within the first ten minutes of the game unless there is an AAS marker or a forward spawn on it. All other flags are open and fair game.
  6. Vehicle spawns not in main are not to be directly attacked or camped (mines), the area around them should be avoided.

Communication and Teamplay

  1. Teamwork is required.
  2. Squadleaders, Commanders, Crewmen and Pilots must have working mics.
  3. We highly encourage the use of mics, but they are not required unless playing as one of the above mentioned roles.
  4. Do not spam chat or mumble. Music and chatting is permitted in local, but if someone asks you to stop, then stop.
  5. Squadleaders and commanders must be able to communicate in english.
  6. Communicating within the squad and team is required.
  7. Players must follow the orders of their Squadleader. Squadleaders must follow the orders of their Commanders. The mutiny command exists for squadleaders if they believe the Commander is detrimental to the team.
  8. Free kit squads are not allowed. Squadleaders must be leading their squad.


  1. Do not create squads before the pre-round timer reaches 2.00.
  2. Do not lock squads below 4 unless running an asset with specific rules (see section 6).Admins can tell squads to unlock.
  3. Stealing kits from squads is not allowed.
  4. Players required to be in a squad.

Mainbase, DoD and repair stations 

  1. Repair stations not in main are not to be directly attacked or camped (mines), the area around them should be avoided. They are not a free zone, if you build or fire from nearby you can be engaged.
  2. Do not fire into or out of a main base unless it has an active AAS marker on it.
  3. Both teams are to actively stay away from the other team’s mainbase unless flags push the game there. If in play flags are near either, care should be taken by both teams to avoid conflict in DoD or main.
  4. You may engage in and out of the edge of the DoD as long as the fight is far from main. Admin discretion must be followed.''
  5. While ambushing is an allowed tactic, care must be taken to give the enemy team a fighting chance. Do not trap a team in their main. Admin discretion must be followed.

Assets and Claiming

  1. Squads named Mortar, APC, Tank, Trans, CAS, and Mech inf claim specific assets and are considered as asset squads. On maps without Tanks or APCs, an SPG squad may be created to claim the SPG. The name should be clearly defined, and not vague.
    "Mortar" claims all mortar emplacements.    
    "CAS" claims all jets and attack helicopters.    
    "Tank" claims all Medium and Heavy tanks.     
    "APC" claims all infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), recon vehicles, and armored personnel carriers (APCs)  that require 2 crewman kits to be operated. Vehicles that do not require a crewman kit to operate the gun are not claimable (M113, Fuchs, etc).      
    "Mech-INF" For specific Mech INF rules, see Section 7    
    “SPG” squad claims the SPG technical on non Tank/APC maps.    
    "Trans" claims all transportation helicopters and planes.
    Anti-Tank vehicles (Not to be confused with rocket technical) and anti-air vehicles (AAVs)  are claimed by APC or Tank on first come first serve basis. 
  2. All trucks , jeeps , and civilian vehicles are claimed by the first person to occupy the driver seat on the condition that they are operating well with their squad. Do not steal assets from your team.
  3. Asset squads must be sufficiently manned to effectively operate their assets. Admins can tell squads to unlock.
  4. Do not duplicate an asset squad that already exists.
  5. Do not take assets if you don't know how to use them.
  6. All assets have to be used properly (not taking AAV just for roadkilling, etc).
  7. No heavy assets until 20v20.
  8. If you take a claimable asset when there is no squad claiming it, that vehicle is yours until death (IE. taking an APC when there is no APC squad).

Mech INF rules

  1. Mech INF squads can only be created if there are more than two respawning IFV/APCs. The total amount of assets does not count Anti-tank vehicles, recon vehicles or AAVs.
  2. Mech INF is restricted to one per team and must have at least 6 members. Exceptions can be organised with the APC squadleader.
  3. Mech INF cannot claim AAVs or Anti-tank vehicles.
  4. Mech INF claims only one APC/IFV and its respawn’s, the exact claimed vehicle is decided by APC squad.
  5. Teamwork, Communication, and Maturity between the Mech Inf and APC squad is a requirement.

Air combat and AA

  1. As a jet, do not get close to the enemy main base when you are not dogfighting.
  2. As a jet, chasing an enemy jet into their main is permitted if you were engaged before being near their main. The engagement ends when the enemy jet touches the runway.
  3. Do not lock on to or engage enemy aircraft near their main. Camping main with the sole purpose of killing aircraft on takeoff and landing will not be permitted.
  4. As a jet, engaging any ground or air target will make you fair game until the next time you land at main.